The last fifty years have seen significant changes in Mesick and the areas around it. Businesses have come and gone; infrastructure improved; roads and bridges have been altered for the safety of all travelers. New schools have been built; providing our community’s students with the opportunities to learn and become the adults who will better our world! New Community projects have proven the strength of the areas volunteerism and leadership with playgrounds, streetscapes, The Mesick Historical Museum, The Springville Township Community Center and much more.

Mesick remains a sportspersons’ paradise with the Manistee River proving its’ life force for all who seek pleasure along its’ banks; including premiere camping fishing, boating and so much more.
The National Forests which embrace this area have provided their draw to many looking to hunt, snowmobile, or find the elusive Morel mushroom.


The Mesick Historical Museum will be working alongside other community groups and institutions endeavoring to make history come alive for all the areas’ residents, both now and in the past, as they embrace new technology; providing an experience to enjoy the past and create our shared future.

Oatly Company of Sweden visits Mesick

Fall of 2021

Sherman Hill Project

Spring of 2013

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