Mesick Its’ People and Places Volume 5


“May your magic continue to weave its spell on all who live and visit here.”

By Nancy Sanders

Just as I was saying to myself, I have no more stories to write. A year’s worth of stories about Mesick is all that I have. Then along comes a young man of 24 years that is so enthused about the history of Mesick and the people and places, that I have decided to continue my search for Mesick’s past. Although my own quest started in 1978 when I chose the Village of Mesick as my subject for a term paper in an English class in college, I found others who were interested in the past of our village too. The Lloyd Kohn family who I worked for at that time were already busy finding facts and tidbits of the past about Mesick. In my continuing quest, we began to share information with each other. Then by chance Elsie Taylor, in conversation, shared with me she rented and lived in the house that Adelbert Mesick, son of Howard Mesick, owned and she might have an address for the family. As it turned out, I was able to write to this family, Ross, a grandson of Adelbert and Gertie (Coon) Mesick, and his wife Emma. In a letter they shared with me that they were interested in coming to Mesick someday and they had the original Mesick Plat Map. Wow! Well, they did come and, they did bring their map, as well as a copy for me. I was thrilled to have that piece of history and to learn that the streets were named after Howard Mesick’s sons.

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