Mesick its’ People and Places Volume 3


“May your magic continue to weave its spell on all who live and visit here.”

By Nancy Sanders

Because of the lumber camps, the Ann Arbor Railroad, farming, CCC Camps, Briar Hill, Hodenpyl Dam, Mesick Schools, and many other big and small endeavors Mesick continues to prosper.  Researching people and investigating the hard work they have done to make it all come together has been a unique experience. Although this series tells of the Mesick area’s past and some of the present, we as today’s citizens are left to make Mesick what it will be in the future.  Our village is at the crossroads of Michigan’s state highways M-115 and M-37.  It could grow but are we at a crossroads to help it grow or will Mesick only fade away as just any other

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