Mesick History


Including The Surrounding Area

Stories written by local people who have lived here.

“Mesick History” offers a variety of narrations written by fifteen different authors: Edward Mesick, Margaret Walling, Henry Mesick, Teresa Dowd, Deborah Kohn, Nancy Harnish, Alice Beach, Michelle Benson, Gladys &/or Blanche Nisewander, Ellen Galbraith, Grace Kohn, Tom Anderson, Lucille Sprague, and Mark Dilts. Each story is written from the author’s own experiences, either heard by word of mouth or read from different sources. Mesick is the main subject of the book, however, surrounding settlements and villages have been woven into the fabric of the pages. From the time the first settlers came to Sherman to the last page of Ghost Towns from Northern Michigan, you will be intrigued by how our corner of the world in Wexford County grew.

Compiled by Deborah Kohn
4th Printing

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